Hybrid characters depicting animal, human or plant-like forms emerge from a complex construction, sharing mixed materials and textures. Originating from a skeleton made of plaster, studio fragments, wood, foil, cement, plastic and gel, they are then cloaked in a thick impasto acrylic painted skin. They are my homage to an organic world.

For many years my artistic process has revolved and evolved around questions of metamorphosis, adaptation and integration in relation to the human condition. Flexible, multi-layered surfaces generate metaphors that infer the depth and scope of an evolutionary cycle.

Dimensions of autonomy and dependency are examined through either highlighting a solo piece, or creating integrated collections or families.

My present iteration of composite creatures appear as solo forms or as clusters of sculptures on a spectrum, from the grotesque to the whimsical. Viewed individually, each sculpture may be energized by its own identity or in response to the space it inhabits. Viewed collectively, a menagerie will appear to erupt, linger, or crawl on a wall, floor or pedestal, building and conducting connections with each other and their environment.

These sculptures mimic an essential journey all life forms share: growth, transformation, and decay.