Artist Statement

today was tomorrow yesterday, detail, Ignition Project Space, Chicago

today was tomorrow yesterday

Time will not leave us unscathed

Hold obscure buried secrets and treasures-

Excavating stolen dreams and transforming them yet

Frozen from too many choices and rickety definitions,

Forgotten joys melted in the cracks

Hidden in light and eroding in shadows

They are Not named but seen- remembered and twisted

in deep and shallow  holes and absolutes-

Stray feral thoughts       unattached

Love of decay and fresh mold – yes growing color

Fear of rebirth and ghosts of regret …

Begin and End       Reflections and Echoes


Crumbling structures    under duress        we thought we knew

where we live

what dwells in our dwelling – who inhabits our habitat

wherever we find a moment or space familiar or cozy but not terrifying

will be temporary home.

but Inside our secret self    OR     outside in communities

a harbor for monsters, demons, angels

Bold or timid – humanity travels and adapts

From dark to light

Always….   growth -transformation- decay

hybrid 28

Grew Some Hybrid Reflections


a skeleton construction created from, studio and mixed detritus, plaster, plastic paste,

add a skin cover cloaked in a thick impasto acrylic paint

composite objects appear as solo forms and  abstract shapes

or clusters of nature’s fragments and creatures

evolving and revolving from grotesque to whimsical

a menagerie erupts, lingering or crawling on a walls, floors, ceilings or pedestals,

I wonder about metamorphosis, adaptation and integration

about the condition of humanity and the essential journey life forms share:


remains 10

Paintings, Drawings


Paintings evolve and take shape from a construct of gestures, marks, and textures.

Confront – attack – accept – surrender

Layers of content bathing in abstract form and space


Sifting through memory and observation,

random or intentional abstractions creep into focus,

as images escaping from under the surface

of shadow/light are liberated.

Challenged by a flicker of recognition,

a fragmented narrative emerges, and becomes visible.

Coax -Magnify -Articulate.

Faith in skill and intuition,

Without absolute intrusion,

The determined hand continues to work.

Personal truth revealed. Breaking the barrier/ from inside to outside


One personal forever story

growth- transformation -decay