Shadow Guy #4, acrylic, modeling paste, and mixed media

Michelle Stone is a veteran Chicago artist, best known for her thick impasto, painted, acrylic sculptures. Stone constructs objects hovering between figure and abstraction . These hybrids crawl on walls and floors, at times developing into elaborate installations, relating to forms   in nature or evolutionary transformations.

In addition to sculpture, she creates portraits, paintings, and drawings that explore aspects of humanity. She previously spent years teaching painting and drawing at School of the Art Institute Chicago, Continuing Studies program, and has conducted numerous workshops, teaching for the non-profit organization, Art Encounter, and Chicago grade schools.

Stone is affiliated with Ceres Gallery, NYC, Gaci Projects, Praxis Gallery, Chicago, 3-D 12 Sculptors, and Dialogue Chicago, has a studio with Cornelia Artists, is included in numerous collections, and lives and works in Chicago.