Artist Statement

Grew-Small #11, acrylic, modeling paste, and mixed media

Grew some Echoes and Reflections


a skeleton construction created from, studio and mixed detritus, plaster, plastic paste,

add a skin cover cloaked in a thick impasto acrylic paint

composite objects appear as solo forms and  abstract shapes

or clusters of nature’s fragments and creatures

evolving and revolving from grotesque to whimsical

a menagerie erupts, lingering or crawling on a walls, floors, ceilings or pedestals,

I wonder about metamorphosis, adaptation and integration

about the condition of humanity and the essential journey life forms share:

growth, transformation, and decay.


Paintings, Drawings

intuitive gestures    primal expressions and impressions

Paper paint charcoal    erase smudge scratch drip

Remember – discover – observe – interpret     Confront – attack – accept – surrender

Layers of content bathing in abstract form and space


One personal forever story