In constructing  my sculptures and paintings I contemplate elements of humanity. And through the process, considering both object and shadow, I seek to represent the mystery, rhythms, and dynamic metamorphosis of nature. 

I build these painted sculptures, that ultimately will hang, crawl, sometimes congregate on walls or floors, and at times grow into an energized abstract menagerie.

Individual hybrid forms that begin with a skeleton of random materials conclude with a thick impasto/acrylic façade of painted skin. My method of building employs dense coats of color and gel, crafted to create this metaphor, representing layers of depth, time, and evolution that I believe all living organisms share .

I am curious about the trajectory assigned to all life forms, as it relates to the growth- transformation and decay of our human condition.

Michelle Stone



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Two Very Together
Two Very Together, Ceres Gallery, New York, NY: acrylic, modeling paste and plaster 2012